3 Versions of “Boys Over Flowers” PK; Netizens love the Japanese “Shan Cai” and the Taiwanese F4 the most


Eastday.com reports on March 3rd: The Korean version of “Boys Over Flowers” is still airing.

However, enthusiastic netizens voted for the Netizen’s choice of best actor lineup amongst the three Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese versions of “Meteor Garden”. After two months of PK, the outcome has been decided. Netizens still like the Japanese “Shan Cai” and the Taiwanese F4 the most.
The Taiwanese “Dao Ming Si” has most popular support

The Japanese “Shan Cai” was the most expressive

Inoue Mao came in first with 3,750,000 votes. Even though her looks are not exceptional, she expressed “Shan Cai” tenacious personality vividly. Right after her is the beautiful long-haired Da S.

Jerry Yan [Yan Cheng Xu] came in first with 1,200,000 votes. Even though Matsumoto Jun is not as tall and handsome as Jerry Yan, he most exemplified the original character. He had the best acting, the best imposing manner, and has the support of many fans. As a result, Lee MinHo has also been popular this whole way.

The Taiwanese “Hua Ze Lei” was the most beautiful

ZaiZai is the “Hua Ze Lei” that even the original manga artist, Yoko Kamio approved of. He came in first with 1,140,000 votes. Oguri Shun and Kim Hyun Joong were equal with only a few votes difference.

Out of every version of “Xi Men”, Ken Zhu [Zhu Xiao Tian] came in first

Ken Zhu’s “Xi Men” came in first with 610,000 votes. Even though he has gotten fatter to turn into a “steamed bun face”, back in those days, his gentle look was classic. On the other hand, Kim Bum was called the most handsome “Xi Men” by the netizens.

Out of every version of “Mei Zuo”, the Taiwanese version was the most loved

Vanness Wu [Wu Jian Hao] came in first with 290,000 votes. Because Abe Tsuyoshi is is mix of Chinese and Japanese, he received more attention.

Source: International Online Report: Yu Yan


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