Full story about Super Junior’s popular phrase “Not this”

At first, they (SJ) all worried about working with Nick, who has danced for Justin Timberlake.

They dont know how can communicate with him, whether practicing is tired or not and whether they have to learn English or not. But it turned out that when Nick teached them, he didnt use much English, just these words “Up”, “Groove” ,”Point” ,”Stop” and especially “Not this”. Therefore, “Not this” has become a popular phrase between SJ members, whenever someone does something wrong, the others will say “Not this”.

Also Sungmin talked about how good teacher Nick is, he (Nick) made the boy feel that the dance is quite easy to follow and how to move their hands, feet and even eyes movement.

Actually, only Nick was invited to help Super Junior but because Trent is always Nick’s dance partner so he came too. They had been in Korea for just 5 days and on the last day, Nick was like “This is the last time, after this we’ll come back to USA” to the boys on which they said jokingly “Dont go because we wont do the last time”.
After the practicing, they all went to eat Samgyubsal. Nick and the boys felt that they’ve been friend for a long time and it’s so sad that they had to say goodbye. Nick said if SJ come to USA, they can go to his house and Trent even shed tears on the leaving day.

Sungmin said they will try their best to perform because of Nick and Trent.

source: SJ-World
credit: sjmarket
translated by: evanesco@sj-world

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