Super Junior’s 3rd album Sorry Sorry Review

‘SORRY, SORRY’ is a urban minimal funky style song that crossed over urban club house groove and funky rhythm, and it creates a trendy feeling as it is well matched with the image and vocal of Super Junior. This is the work of the hit composer Youngjin Yoo.

The keywords in the lyric are ‘SORRY’ meaning they’re sorry that they fell in love before you and ‘Shawty’, the synonym for ‘BABY (endearing term for lover)’, and these are repeated with the very addictive melody of the refrain to captivate your ears at once. The bold and playfully mannered lyric describes a man’s heart mesmerized by a womanly open attitude of a girl.

02 니가 좋은 이유 (Why I like you)
This is a Contemporary Dance song with charming guitar sound and impressive upbeat rhythm. The rhythmical sound and melody composed in dance-pop style, the hot trend in America and England, are interpreted to Super Junior’s gentle sensibilities.

03 마주치지 말자 (Let’s not…)
This is an authentic ballad sung by Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yeseong, which has the sad lyric about parting, the magnificent sound performed by real session, and emotional voice of Super Junior-K.R.Y. really makes you feel emotional voice.
This is the joint work of Hwan Hee of Fly to the Sky and his composition partner, Junyoung Jo. Hwan Hee kept this song for special occasion but presented to Super Junior and showed great friendship between senior and junior singers.

04 앤젤라 (Angela)
This is an elegant medium tempo Britpop with lovely and sweet melody combined with a sad lyric, and it is a new song from the popular composer, Kenzie.

05 Reset
The oriental melody and pop and trendy instruments created a great symphony in this medium tempo song.
The emotional lyric of Changhak Park and the harmony between the repeated melody in the refrain and the chorus are impressive in ‘Reset’ and it presents mature vocal skills of Super Junior.

06 Monster
This song has a different character from Super Junior prior songs, and it is a R&B with dark but elegant sound.
The interesting lyric using ‘Monster’, sensuous melody, and the refined composition of the song outstands.

07 What if
The lyric gently describes the one-sided love on top of sensuous melody is quite impressive in this pop ballad. The voices of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung, and Sungmin expressed the emotion in the song in a neater and refined way.

08 이별… 넌 쉽니(Heartquake) (Feat. 동방신기_U-Know & Micky)
‘Heartquake’ is a medium tempo song exquisitely combined the sound of piano and strings giving strong sense of pop. It has an impressive lyric that compared the parting and loving among celebrities to the phenomena of earthquake.
Especially, U-Know and Micky of TVXQI joined the rap making as well as featuring, and Micky’s gently fast rap and U-Know’s powerful rap are beautifully mixed with the appealing voices of Super Junior-K.R.Y. to create fantastic sound.

09 Club No.1 (Featuring YeonHee, Lee)
‘Club No.1’ with interesting beat and chic atmosphere has a cool harmony in the chorus nicely balanced with the melody lines exchanged among members.
The dreamlike vocal of Yeonhee Lee featured in the song made the song more attractive with the charming voices of Super Junior.

10 Happy Together
It is a medium tempo pop ballad creating a warm atmosphere that may cheer you up when you are down or lonely. The composer of ‘Marry U’, Jaemyung Lee’s sensibilities are well reflected in the song along with Super Junior’s gentle harmony.

11 죽어있는 것 (Dead at heart)
This medium tempo ballad song with a unique title sensuously expresses the pain after parting. The famous composer Changhyun Park who joined for the making of Super Junior’s 2nd album came back for this song and made a song to touch the hearts of listeners.

12 Shining Star
This song presents the bright and cheerful mood like the title and it shows a unique character of Super Junior making people feel happy.
The cheerful rhythm, pure melody line, rich harmony, and the refrain maintaining friendliness outstand in this song and it proves that the lyrical melody maker, Yoo Yung Suk, and Super Junior make a great combination.

source: sapphirepearls
credit: Super Junior Iple
translated by: bibotatu@soompi


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