Super Junior, Chinese’s “National idol”

Last year, Super Junior started their activities in China with the sub-group Super Junior M and they has evaluated themselves in the Chinese music market and received many “Best Chinese group award” at important music awards.

“In Chinese, the promotion of one album is often more than a year. We debuted in April last year so normally we’ll promote at least until April this year but we have to came back because of Super Junior’s 3rd album. But we still miss all the Chinese fans” (Ryeowook)

They received love from Chinese people at all the ages and become “National idol”.

“Chinese fans are variety. Once we were in the airport with the bodyguards who was protecting us but suddenly they turned their head and took photos of us” (KyuHyun)

“Last year, it seemed that we performed at all the music award shows’ ending. In fact we are still newbie in Chinese so we should perform the opening stage, but the sponsors worried that the audiences might be leave so they told us to perform at the end. If we dont, there might be some music award show had to be canceled” (Shiwon)

The highlight is HanKyung had chosen to be one of the torch deliverer in 2008 Beijing Olympic. “I felt very strange. And I felt honored. I didnt cry (laugh)” (HanKyung)

Super Junior M’s active effort makes Super Junior’s popularity higher. The recent Super show in Chengdu attracted about 10,000 fans.

source: SJ-World
credit: sjmarket
translated by: evanesco@sj-world


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