Bin and Lee Kyu Han Join BBF OST

It seems with the new popularity of Boys Before Flowers in Korea, any artist who gets included in a Boys Before Flowers Project make head lines news.

Since the announcement for the second OST, producers have promised to include more artists than the first OST previously released.

This time they have chosen to include, Bin and Lee Kyu Han.

Both will be appearing in Someday’s MV for “알고있나요 (Do You Know)”. Bin, who is well-versed in gymnastics, will play a ballerina and Lee Kyu Han takes on the role of building security.

The song was originally included in the first OST but this is the first time the MV will be release.

Bin, real name Jun Hye Bin, has acted along side DBSK’s Yuhno and Micky in their Banju Drama. She also played Jae Hee’s Girl Friend in Witch Yoo Hee and even sang the theme song “IF” for the drama.
Bin first music video appearance was in “Flip, Reverse” by Jang Woo Hyuk.
She has also released a debut album of her own.

Lee Kyu Han is most notice for his supporting role in My Lovely Sam-Soon and Que Sera Sera.


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