Jang Ja Yeon’s Family Speaks Out And Manager Disappears

Jang Ja Yeon’s family have started speaking out at the frenzied speculation about her death. Several days ago, Jang Ja Yeon’s family asked for the media to cease publication of speculative articles on the suicide.

“We are thankful for everyone’s attention and support; thanks to everyone we were able to hold a respectable funeral. However, the rumours about Ja Yeon’s death pains us greatly and so I have penned this to ask you all to stop.

“She always had pride in what she did from her debut in 2006. She had a bright personality and loved her work… Especially because of Boys over Flowers since she managed to connect with other actors and television audiences. She always had a bright smile on her face [because of BoF].

“I hope that speculators will now stop spreading rumors about Ja Yeon. We speak especially to her management agency… who have a lot of weight on their words… who have hurt the family so much.

“Whatever issues the agency has, secret testaments or whatever, it doesn’t change the fact that our Ja Yeon has left this world… I beg you, please, don’t take your speculation and rumors to darken Ja Yeon’s memory”

Now her sister has waded into the argument. She has now asked the police not to reopen the investigation into her death. A police spokesman for the case confirmed that on the evening of the 10th, “the victim’s sister did call the station and asked why the police would want to re investigate the circumstances of someone who has already passed on” and said that the plan “honor whatever requests the family has” as much as they can.

However, when asked about the now infamous “hidden testament” revealed by Ja Yeon’s manager, the police have not ruled out re investigating her death if such a document is brought to them.

“We have tried to confirm the existence of the document by attempting to contact the current holder, Yoo Mo, but he is currently not taking any phone calls from us. We will have to assume that the incident was indeed suicide and we plan decide on how to proceed early next week.

At the time of writing, Jang Ja Yeon’s ex-manager Yoo Mo (who began the speculation and claims to be in possession of the secret diary) has not been seen since speaking out to the press several days ago.




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