Another ‘Love-Breaker’ Is To Be Introduced In ‘Boys Before Flowers’

Just as you thought that Ha Jae Kyung (Lee Min Jung) would be the last obstacle going in between Joon Pyo (Lee Min Ho) and Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun), KBS is about to introduce another female character into the drama that would put the Joon-Jan love under test yet again.

Ever since the appearance of Jae Kyung, Jan Di has not been able to be together with Joon Pyo, partly because of Jae Kyung’s fiancee status. But this is not all. As the ending draws near, there will be a new female character who will edge closer to Joon Pyo, causing even more distress to Jan Di.

A personnel from the production company revealed: “Apart from veteran actress Kim Young Ok who will be making a cameo appearance, there is another actress left. This new character, who will make the entrance beginning episode 23 is Nakajima Umi (name check) in the manga.”

In the original work, Domyoji had a short period memory loss in which all his memories of Makino was lost. Using treatment as an excuse, Nakajima edged closer towards Domyoji, creating trouble between Domyoji and Makino. However, her appearance is an affirmation for the strong love between the two leading characters. (Factual check for the description)

For such a non-trivial character, fans of “Boys Before Flowers” are eager to know the actress who will be playing the role. However, the team is currently still undecided for the actress as the scripts are still being written.

In addition, episode 21 which will be broadcast on the 17th, will contain the wedding scene between Goo Joon Pyo and Ha Jae Kyung which arouses the curiosity of viewers and fans alike.

So… What do you guys think?


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