Female Idol Kara, Nicole’s Sudden Kiss was a “Silly Surprise”

Popular group Kara’s Nicole got a sudden kiss from a male student at Sejong University.

It happened after Sejong University’s “gag gang” students did a performance of “soccer king shoot-dori.” After the students showed their talent, they had a plea for Kara’s Nicole.

Since it was directed to just Nicole, she was surprised, so after a pause the male student just went and gave a sudden kiss to Nicole. Nicole was so shocked that she jumped around the stage, and could not hide her surprise.

Not just Nicole, but no one could have predicted this would happen, all the audience at Sejong University were shocked, too. The other Kara members had to console her.

Nicole said on <Star Golden Bell> “that she never had a boyfriend before.” With this surprise kiss, we could see Nicole’s cute surprised expression.

Nicole’s shocking kiss incident can be seen on KBS’s <Road Show Quiz Expedition – Sejong University> at 10:45am on the 15th. The male student who kissed Nicole was the 2nd round winner of <60 second showdown>.


4 Responses

  1. i do hope you know that picture is jiyoung of kara and not nicole of kara. other than that thanks sharing this about kara. 🙂

  2. i know it’s about Nicole but the picture you have is not nicole. here’s another article about the kiss too.

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