Meisa Kuroki and Koda Kumi in good form at preview of ‘Subaru’

Actress Meisa Kuroki, 20, attended a special screening of her upcoming ballet movie “Subaru” held at the Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall this week. The movie, based on the popular comic of the same name and directed by Chi-Ngai Lee, tells the story of a young aspiring ballerina’s journey to the world stage.

Kuroki said she had to train hard for the movie as she had no prior ballet experience, and that she had put on five kilograms since she stopped training.

Kumi Koda, who sings the theme song – “faraway” – for the movie, made a surprise appearance at the preview, and said of Kuroki: “Well even so, she is still hot. She is even more beautiful in person,” presenting Kuroki with a bouquet of flowers.

Kuroki later said: “Having Kumi on board helps a lot. She also smelled really, really good.”

“Subaru” opens in cinemas on March 20, and Koda’s new single “faraway” goes on sale March 31.


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  1. Not only is she is a good actress, she’s a good singer

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