Rain’s Canceled Concert “Cost $1.5 Million”

In a Wednesday trial at a Hawaii court, President Lee Seung-su of Click Entertainment, who is battling in court with the singer, said a Rain concert that was canceled cost his company $1.5 million.

He cited damage both financially and in regards to reputation, but that Rain and his aides did not apologize even once, calling such an attitude embarrassing and dishonest.

Click purchased the copyright to the concert slated for June 2007 and argues that Rain and his former agency JYP canceled the show just one month before the concert date, taking $500,000 in copyright fees. Click filed a suit in Hawaii requesting $40 million in compensation.

In the Wednesday trial, a Click spokesman said, “Rain and his 90 group members didn’t properly file for a visa, meaning they had no intent to perform in Hawaii. Rain took issue with the stage facility, but the stage set met all requirements stated in the contract.”

Lawyers for Rain and JYP said, “Click signed a deal not with us but with Revolution Entertainment, which owned the copyright to the concert. The suit should not target us.” During Rain’s world tour, JYP sold the right to Rain’s North America concerts to Revolution.

Rain’s attorney said, “The stage facility didn’t live up to the level of Rain’s performance. He needed huge LED backdrop lights, a waterfall, fireworks, a protruding stage and five elevators. Rain is a fine singer but he needs the appropriate props.”

The Hawaii concert to be held at Aloha Stadium was planned as the first leg of the “Rain’s Coming” North America tour. It was canceled abruptly just days before the even, to the disappointment of Rain’s Hawaiian fans.

credit: KBS Global


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