Shin Hyesung becomes a patissier in Taiwan

Singer Shin Hyesung will transform into a guy as sweet as candy when he meets with more than 3,000 fans in Taiwan on White Day.

Shin Hyesung will be holding his fanmeeting ‘2009 SHIN HYE SUNG Live Music Show in Taiwan’ on 14 March at the Taipei International Convention Centre. During this White Day fanmeeting with the Taiwanese fans, besides presenting his fans with gifts of songs, he will also turn into a patissier and personally bake cakes for his fans, hoping to create sweet memories of their time spent together.

In September last year, Shin Hyesung held a fanmeeting in Japan, “Always Hyesung Le Petit Chambre”, where he invited the fans to his “room” and in November, for his first solo fanmeeting in Korea, he turned into the boss of a cafe, and personally prepared cocktails for the fans.

In particular, all tickets to this fanmeeting were sold out within 20 minutes of opening for sale on 15th January, and the enthusiastic response only serves to affirm his status as a first-generation Hallyu star.

On 9th February, Shin Hyesung had made a promotional trip to Taiwan and generated explosive media interest as more than 30 Taiwanese media scurried to report news and interviews of him, including TTV, CTV, CTS, Apple Daily and Liberty Times.

Meanwhile, Shin Hyesung will be flying to Taipei on 13th March for his first Taiwan fanmeeting ‘2009 SHIN HYE SUNG Live Music Show in Taiwan’.

credit: TVDaily + Flashback
translated by: midnightgirl13


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