SS501 Kim KyuJong “Became Yoon JiHoo when singing to ‘Because I am Stupid’”


Kim KyuJong from SS501 who sang Yoon JiHoo’s theme song in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, said that he would become Yoon JiHoo when he sings this song.

Kim KyuJong revealed his secret formula for his emotional feeling when singing ‘Because I am Stupid’, the OST song for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ in the recently recorded KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell’.

Kim KyuJong said “While singing the song, I would try my best to become Kim HyunJoong. For example, I would think ‘Yoon JiHoo is such a fool, so is JanDi very clever?’ and then fell into Yoon JiHoo’s role without knowing.” Making the guest laugh at his remark.

Meanwhile SS501 members expressed their disappointment in the winning speech by Kim HyunJoong at the PaekSang Arts Awards Ceremony.

MC Ji SukJin asked “When Kim HyunJoong received the popularity award, which bouquet of flowers from F4 and SS501 did he take first?” Kim HyungJoon replied “F4!” Heo YoungSaeng added “When the 3 of us got first place, we talked about HyunJoong in our winning speech. Kim HyunJoong mentioned about the staff in our company and the drama production team, but actually did not even mention about SS501 members.”

In addition, they expressed their feelings “When Kim HyunJoong said ‘Lastly…’, we thought he would talk about us, but he talked about other stuffs and so we were very sad about it.”

Broadcast is on 14-Mar.

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


4 Responses

  1. “Meanwhile SS501 members expressed their disappointment in the winning speech by Kim HyunJoong at the PaekSang Arts Awards Ceremony.”

    This part makes me sadden that KHJ did not even mention anything about his bandmates, where as in when they won the early part of the year, they include him and Jungmin.

    How could he? I wonder too… Then again looking at the clipping when he received the awards, he was very nervous and stutter on his speech. Granted, I would feel rejected too. If the bandmembers are supposed to be closed how come he did not even mention them.

    If I was the three members, I would remind him later.

  2. Does anyone know where to download Kim Hyun Joong’s (Yoon Ji Hoo) Because I’m Stupid (acoustic version), the full song… thanks in advance!

  3. I am a bit suprised that this matter only surfaced now. Why wasnt it being metioned before this?


    you can download because i’m stupid accoustic there

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