Heo Yeong Saeng, “It is such a shame that SS501 is not mentioned in Kim Hyun Joong’s thank you speech”

SS501 member Heo Yeong Saeng said during KBS 2TV Star Golden Bell aired on 14th March, “When Kim Hyun Joong was receiving over the popularity award during Baek Sang Arts Festival, it was such a shame that SS501 was not referred in his thank you speech.”

SS501 Heo Yeong Saeng and Kim Hyung Joon was on this episode of Star Golden Bell. Kim Hyung Joon said, “When Kim Hyun Joong received the popularity award on Baek Sang Arts Awards, he received flower bouquets from the F4 first before from us. Even though those are people he had acted together before, it is still quite a shame for that.”

The MC then said, “Yes it is really quite a shame. But because the F4 members were closer. Because of that, I think he had no choice.”

Heo Yeong Saeng then continued, “When SS501 was 3 members and we got #1, we thanked Kim Hyun Joong in our thank-you speech. But during his thank-you speech during Baek Sang Arts Awards, he gave a good speech for his acting colleages, and we thought we were going to get mentioned at the end of the speech but he said instead ‘This award is to be shared with everyone!’.”

In my opinion, maybe he forget because he really happy he got the award. XD


7 Responses

  1. For me, kim hyung-joong didn’t intend to forgot to mention them in his speech. coz like what you said, anyone who’s way too nervous or too happy sometimes tend to forget a lot of things but it doesn’t mean they’re doing that on purpose.

  2. For me, kim hyung-joong didn’t intend to forgot to mention them in his speech. coz like what you said, anyone who’s way too nervous or too happy. sometimes people do forget a lot of things but it doesn’t mean they’re doing that on purpose.

  3. it’s quite sad to hear that other member of SS501 disappointed about hyun joong’s speech during beak sang award. i’m not pretty sure if hyun joong really forget to thank his member but i think may be he’s nervous during that time. but i know deeply from his pure heart, he loved his member and i hope other member will forgive him for that. poor hyun joong but don’t worry i will always understand you.

  4. i was actually able to watch a video of that a few weeks back.. i, myself, noticed that he forgot to mention his members in his thank you speech.. that’s just sad.. i can’t blame the other guys for feeling a bit disappointed.. i would be too.. i mean, yes his win could be attributed to being part of the f4 in boys over flowers; nevertheless, i still think that he should not have forgotten to thank his members, coz no matter how you put it, he was still first recognized because of ss501.. his career began with ss501.. and to add to that, he is the leader of ss501, what kind of example would that be for his younger members?.. i mean, they say that they’re like family… then isn’t what he did kind of the same as forgetting to thank your parents?.. think about it, if he forgot to thank his parents in his speeches, wouldn’t you find that odd and disrespectful?… don’t say you wouldn’t.. coz you know you would… one thing still remains… boys over flowers will soon be over, that’s a fact! but ss501 will still be there.. in the end, he would still go back to his members, ss501…

    nobody will ever be too sure of whether kim hyun joong intentionally meant not mention them, or whether he forgot out of nervousness, or whether he thought that its was only right to thank the bof cast; or whatever.. i know kim hyun joong is a good guy; he is only human. and humans make mistakes. he’s actually one of my favorites in ss501… the other one is yeong saeng… anyway, maybe next time hyun joong could do better… he owes them that, at least… i commend the other members for being understanding of their leader.. i know they’re happy for hyun joong… just like family, the accomplishments of one also become the honor and pride of the others…

    i dont hate hyun joong.. i’m just disappointed with his actions…

    :.:.:you never hate the person… you just hate what they do:.:.:

  5. It is not such a big deal, everyone already knows how much they mean to kim hyun joong and this award was based on his performance in boyf before flowers, so ofcourse he has to thank his fellow cast members.
    the other members of ss501 still have a bit of growing up t do it seems.
    If they are sad or disappointed, they should be mature enough to tell him later on, instead of airing it on national, no international tv. Silly indeed!… Making such trivial matters so big and public. I’m disappointed in Kyu Jong, Hyung Joon and yeong saeng

  6. gladly Yoona didnt forget her member.. -_-
    i feel sorry for both side HyunJoong n the rest of ss5o1..

    hope they didnt keep it seriously in their heart…
    forgive each member that the way to show loves to each other.. =) saranghae SS501.. hwaiting!!

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