Kara Nicole is a genius?


On the 14th of March, Nicole gave the audience and the guests a big laugh on KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Golden Bell’.

Since last December, Nicole has been a regular on ‘Star Golden Bell’s Level with Me’ where she gives out hints to the guests to guess the word or the phrase that she is referring to. Because of her broken Korean, Nicole uses her creativity to create hints, often giving out not only witty but also funny ones.

On this day, Nicole gave “The money you use to make your homepage pretty,” as the hint for the adage, “Acorn on dog food.” For “Besame Mucho”, to explain the word, “Bae”, Nicole said “Chopsticks beside a cup that is about a half full”.

Also on this episode, Alexander from U-Kiss answered “Cat, Mouse thinking, how are they related?” for the question that asked the adage, “The cat thinks about the mouse.”

Nicole also misunderstood the word “Yang Ji” as “brushing your teeth” (Yang chi jil). She suddenly acted tooth brushing out in order to give it as one of the hints. Because of Nicole’s witty and creative hints, the guests praised her and called her a ‘genius’.

Link by: Mae
Translated by Hopelesshong


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