SNSD Sooyong tells a story about Jaejoong

On March 15, SNSD guested on SBS Champagne. She shared a story about Youngwoong Jaejoong during TVXQ’s early debut days. Sooyoung said:

TVXQ and other people were having dinner during the early days of TVXQ’s debut. A person came up to JJ and said, “You look a lot like Youngwoong Jaejoong” and because JJ has a sense of humor and likes to play around, he replied, “yes, I like Youngwoong Jaejoong so much, I got plastic surgery to look like him.” The person took this seriously and replied, “Oh really? But why did you pick Youngwoong Jaejoong instead of Uknow Yunho?”

source: tvxqfever
credit: joonni@dbsg


One Response

  1. i will alway be Laughing at this!
    Nice joke jae! t
    hump up for you time 10

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