Some articles about SJ in sukira

Super Junior

– when were asked what article do you want to have on the 1st page of the newspaper, Yesung said he wanted an article of scandal between him and movie Speedy Scandal’s actress Park Bo Young. When the other asked him about him being Moon Geun Young’s fan, he said although he is MGY’s fan, he still had interest in PBY.

– Also Donghae said he wanted to have an article about his marriage/wedding, he said he wanted to make decision about his marriage soon and he’d marry when he’s about 31 or 32. He said his ideal bride is Kim Ha Neul

– Reywook said he wanted to ask “무릎팍 도사” (the Knee God – a segment on MBC show “Golden fishery where they listen to the guests’ problems and solve them) when everybody will know him, he said he didnt care that everybody know him because they know Super Junior. He also said there are people who dont know all the members but still realize them when they said they’re Super Junior

– Shindong said not long ago, Ryeowook checked his card balance and saw that he used a lot of money on eating which Wook said he’s sorry because while the other members was suffered from schedule, he himself just wanted to eat something delicious. And the others said he should say sorry to Kangin because he has the most schedule in SJ, Wook said sorry to KangIn. Wook also said he went to eat with Yesung most because Yesung shared the same room with him

– Kangin said “Schedule is not game. It’s like water. Whenever you turn (it) on, it’ll come out” (basically he means his recent schedule is as much as water, whenever you turn it on, it’ll come out). And they said from now on, on members’ bday or even it’s not a special day, they’ll get together and have meal .

original articles from SJmarket
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