JanDi and JiHoo’s wedding photos?


Wedding photos of JanDi (Goo Hye Sun) and JiHoo (Kim Hyun Joong) were released today, teasers to the episode of Boys Over Flowers on 17th March has caused another topic on the internet amongst the netizens.

One of the photos even featured JanDi kissing JiHoo.

On this episode, JanDi had wanted to give the 2nd prize of a wedding photo conference to her sick younger brother, and she and JiHoo had taken part in the wedding photo conference together.

However, JanDi and JiHoo got the first prize which is a trip to JeJu island. JanDi was obviously sad with the results and JiHoo had pleaded the group who got 2nd price to exchange the prizes.

Some of the comments by netizens, “It is shocking to see that JanDi and JiHoo actually go well together”, “HwangBo said before, ‘HyunJoong ah, you said you won’t bring another woman with you to JeJu island’”, “what about JoonPyo and JanDi ㅠㅠㅠ” etc


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  1. ohemgee!! that is not right. he’s mine!

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