What are the Nine SNSD Girls Like Backstage?

“Fighting” before going on stage

It really is ‘Girl Power,’ just like they say. The group So Nyuh Shi Dae, made up of nine cute girls, is blowing away Korea’s entertainment world. Their mini-album title track, “GEE” went on sale this past January, and have been on top on Mnet.com, Bugs, Melon, Cyworld, and other online music charts for two months. On KBS2’s “Music Bank,” they have been placing No. 1 for 8 straight weeks, rewriting Korean pop music history. In the variety world, the girls’ storm is fierce. As they say, “they appear whenever the TV is turned on,” featuring their lively and bubbly characteristics on many talk shows, quiz shows, and game shows, and all different types of shows no matter what the genre is. Not only that, but their “Crab-walk” dance and their alphabet “g” dance is being imitated by the public – male and female, young and old, and by celebrities, so much that they have become the “most imitated.” Also, their colourful skinny-jeans and simple T-shirt stage costumes are becoming a hit on online shopping malls, selling out incredibly fast. Even in the midst of SNSD’s big wave, all nine girls portray a cute, sexy, cool, and friendly personality.

Then what are the nine girls like when they’re in their waiting rooms, and not on TV or on stage?

To answer this question, each SNSD member took self-cam portraits behind the stage and sent it to Sports Seoul. Recently, in the waiting room at MBC Music Core, they took Polaroid pictures of themselves, capturing their charm, just as it is.

SNSD is so busy that people say “they appear whenever the TV is turned on,” so the waiting room backstage is the most familiar space to them, besides their dorm. They rest, eat, do makeup, and most importantly wait for their next performance in their waiting room.

That day, SNSD came about 6 hours before their performance to get ready to go on stage. To pass the time and calm their nerves, the members were in the waiting room listening to new music or reading a book while other performers were in rehearsal. The members also chatted with each other to calm their nerves before going up on stage. After camera rehearsals, they didn’t forget to carefully monitor themselves and how the camera would capture them on TV. On this day, the girls were especially lively while they were playing with their self-cam photos. Even Yoona, who was sick with a cold, posed with a V and a smile for the camera, made sure the picture came out pretty, and drew heart and wrote a message on it.

The girls are already very pretty, but doing their last hair and makeup check before going on air is a must. The girls shared words of encouragement, saying “Yuri, you’re so pretty,” or “Yoona, your makeup turned out really well today,” and when somebody made a joke, everybody burst out in laughter. After a while, it was finally time for all the performing artists to stand on stage for the “deciding time”. Before going up for their ending stage performance and greeting all their fans, the members said, “Okay, let’s enjoy this performance with everything we have,” and gathered their hands together to cheer fighting.

Reporter: Kim Sangho
Source: Sports Seoul
Translation: mbear @ soshified.com
Editing: Fany Fany Tiffany! and soshi123


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