2AM, ‘Real Man’ Music Storm

2AM’s 2nd single album is heating up the online community.

Last 16th, 2AM revealed their 180 degrees image change for their 2nd single album through their homepage.

They changer their soft images to more the more intense ‘real man’ concept. The fans responded by saying that the picture portrayed their charismatic side of the members.

2AM’s bulletin board has been filled up with responses such as ‘The man who returned, 2AM’s confession from the heart’, ‘This is the first time seeing 2AM like this. Anticipate the comeback stage!’ etc.

In particular, the fans are anticipating to see the owner of the tender smile boy, Im SeulOng after the exposure of his upper body by saying, ‘This album is going to be great because of SeulOng six-pack!’, showing a lot of support for the album.

2AM’s 2nd single ‘Time For Confession’ is going to be on sale starting from the 19th, and starts their activities soon after that.


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