Sohee-Heechul verion of 8ight’s “심장이 없어” (Without a Heart) music video gains ‘Immense popularity’

8ight’s music video ‘심장이 없어’ (Without a heart), which is a sad love story between a vampire and human starring model Leehwan and Wonder Girls Sohee, was made over starring Super Junior’s Heechul as the male lead.

This was found out on the 16th on KBS 2 Radio ‘Park Junhyung’s 네시엔(Neh Siyen)’. On that day, 8ight appeared on the show as guests and favorablely commented saying “The netizens are uploading various re-editted version of our music video.” Adding that “Especially the version where Super Junior’s Kim Heechul sshi and Sohee play as lovers is new and entertaining.”

Also they marveled that “The music and the video match perfectly. The feeling that from the music is expressed really outstandingly.”. At the moment, Heechul, Sohee’s version of ‘심장이 없어’ (Without a heart) is rapidly spreading on all portal sites including youtuve, even among the netizens “The degree of perfection is high.” causing them to be unable to stop their amazement.


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