BigBang is busy with individual activities!

Big Bang, Even though our group activities ended we’re not taking a break, ‘They’re busy with individual activities’

[OSEN=Lee Jeong Ah reporter]

Big Bang, who sold over 165,000 Volume 2 albums last year, went into a little break after ending their concerts in January. However, a “break” is merely speaking; it seems like it will be hard for them to take a break with so many people looking for them.

First, the busiest member is the youngest, Seung Ri, who successfully completed his ‘Strong Baby’ solo activities. As soon as he finished his solo activities early this month, Seung Ri delved into promoting the movie ‘Why Did You Come to My House’ which he starred in with Kang Hye Jeong. Also, he will soon begin shooting the omniverse Korean-Japanese collaborative drama ‘TeleCinema – My 19th year.’ Ending this filming does not bring a break to Seung Ri. He has been casted into the film ‘71’ with Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho and will take the role of a student soldier.

Likewise, leader G-Dragon is very busy now-a-days preparing for his solo album which is scheduled to be released in April. As news about his solo album reached his fans, the day they will be able to meet G-Dragon’s album has become their main focus. Tae Yang is also preparing for perfection for his own second solo album which is to be released after G-Dragon’s solo album.

It is seen that T.O.P will come one step closer to fans as an actor in 2009. After filming the ‘TeleCinema’ with Seung Ri, he will start shooting the drama ‘Iris.’ T.O.P will go to Japan this week for an ‘Iris’ shooting. He will stay in Japan for 2 weeks and film the drama.

The member who was the busiest last year with Big Bang activities, variety programs, and the musical ‘Cats,’ Dae Sung, is charging his energy by presenting himself only in the SBS show ‘I Like Sundays, Family Outing,’ in which he is appearing permanently.

An affiliate of their entertainment company said, “It was planned for them to go to America for at least a month’s break and visiting after their Volume 2 album promotions since they worked nonstop for 3 years. However, they haven’t even dreamt of a break yet because so many people are looking for them. The members still need a break and the plan for a vacation is still available, but we don’t know when that time will come. We don’t know if we should laugh or cry.”

translated by bigbangnyuh

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