“I went to Gag concert’s filming without Wang Biho hyung’s knowledge”


Super Junior’s member Kim Heechul showed his passion love for gag.

In the recent interview with IS, Kim Heechul said “KBS 2TV Gag concert’s Wang Biho (Yoon Hyungbin) hyung is one of my closest celebrities” and “I havent tell him yet but recently, I love the gag show as much as I go to watch “Bongsungah School”.

Although Kim Heechul is promoting Super Junior’s 3rd album “Sorry sorry” but whenener he has time, he’d watch “Gag concert” or SBS TV’s “Ootchasa” at home.

Kim Heechul said “If I visit Wang Biho hyung before our music activity started, people will ask whether it’s for promotion. Therefore, I went to the filming without his knowledge, when Wang Biho hyung saw me, all his sharp words were blown away, he even thanked me so there was an awkward time between us”

Heechul said recently, Ootchasa’s “Choco boy” and Gag concert’s “Kang teacher at the dressing room” are the funniest shows to watch. He also imitated the motion & sound of the popular phrase “That’s very hot ~ That’s very hot” in “Choco boy” and Ahn Youngmi’s “I cant straighten all of these things” in “Kang teacher at the dressing room”

Kim Heechul said “Since me, Epik High’s Mirtha Jin and FT Island’s Lee Hongki are all Blood type AB, we occasionally get together and spend the free time”.

* Wang Biho is a gagman of KBS Gag concert, he is popular for alway making fun of the famous singer like DBSG, Shinee, Kara, SNSD, Super Junior…. “Bongsungah School” is the name of his segment in the show.

original article by SJ Market
translated by evanesco


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