Jessica and Jaejoong Dating for Real?

JaeJoong & Jessica

A group of very lunatic observant netizens are once again trying to prove that SNSD’s Jessica and DBSK’s Jaejoong are dating in real life.

They managed to get their hands on some pictures of Jaejoong and Jessica in different places, on several occasions wearing what appears to be the same ring…hell, who am I kidding? It IS the same ring–and on the same finger!

The poor, deluded fans who probably actually still think they have a chance with the sexy statue hottie Jaejoong, are hoping that the ring was give to him by his fans or is just apart of his costumes…hello, if it was, would he be wearing it when he’s not perfoming? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Whether they’re dating or not, I’ll let you be the judge…but my question is, if you really loved your idols, wouldn’t you want them to be happy?

JaeJoong Jessica

What DO Ya think?


10 Responses

  1. taeyeon…
    now jessica…

    who esle next ?

  2. i hope it’s not true!!!

  3. Jaesica jjang!

  4. ii hope its NOT true tooh!!

  5. i hate snsd….and just the tought that they could have something 2 do with dbsk makes me feel naussious….i love dbsk and want them 2 be happy but….not with these bit**es…there are many beautyfull(really these girls look soo chep…and act that way 2) korean stars…i dont mind….she just has to be:beautifull,nice,kind,and not part of snsd!!!!!!!^O^

  6. i hope they can be together as they seems to be a perfect match. both of them have attitude, that’s way too perfect.난 희망을 그들이 할 수로 그들은 완벽하게 일치하는 것 같다 함께있을 거에요. 둘 다, 그 방법은 너무 완벽의 태도있다.

  7. credits go to allkpop

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