May Doni Helps Out Her Big Sister

Although May Doni is just starting to see the light of fame, having just released her mini album 7 Teen, this girl has actually been around in the Kpop scene for a while, and her story is actually quite interesting.

She was first brought in by JYP Entertainment but around 2004 she left JYP and joined YG Entertainment. The rumor is that she left because JYP wouldn’t let May Doni’s older sister Yenny join. So May Doni and her sister were united in YG but they also left YG around 2007. May Doni left because she wanted to be promoted earlier but at the time YG was busy focusing on Big Bang. They then joined Nega Networks (famous for Brown Eyed Girls) where May Doni is currently a singer and Yenny a backup dancer.

Recently she went on Star King to help promote Yenny. Yenny tells the audience that although she still has a dream to be a singer, this may be the last time she takes the stage. After their first performance May Doni talked about how they grew up together and how her sister was an inspiration to her. She also mentioned how she felt sorry that they weren’t both singing together. They covered Lady Marmelade and Lexy’s “Aesongee”.


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