Police Denies Knowledge of Names Mentioned In Jang Ja Yun’s Note

In probably one of the most dramatic (and ridiculous) twist in this incident, the South Korea Police has today(18th) denied any knowledge of the ten over influential figures mentioned in Late Jang Ja Yun’s suicide note.

 This is a complete contradiction to their previous statements when they announced the name list will only be revealed after verifying the authenticity of the suicide document as those involved are all prominent figures from various industries. As a result, rumours and speculations spread among Korean netizens now mostly points to a greater conspiracy involved.

The South Korea Police Department announced today the names of the supposed culprits were already removed in the document given to them by KBS. Therefore, the police currently has no knowledge of those people whom Jang Ja Yun mentioned in her note.

To make things worse, Yoo Chang Ho, the former manager of Jang Ja Yun, also the original holder of the document, held a press conference today and denied handing the document to the media.

During the press conference held at around 3pm, Yoo Chang Ho said: “I’m standing here purely out of my own accord. What I’m going to say today are all my thoughts.”

He continued: “It is now more than 10 days since Jang Ja Yun committed suicide. I know that there are many rumours surrounding her death. I think Jang Ja Yun was having some struggle with some authorities and eventually chose death as a protest. The reason for the press conference is to reveal the truth to the public. Jang Ja Yun’s suicide was only a result of a handful of ‘villians’. I just wanted to tell the truth but I didn’t think it would eventually put the entire entertainment industry in a bad light.”

As to a question asking if he is using this as a publicity or money-making stunt, Yoo Chang Ho replied that he neither has the ability to do nor does he want to make profit from a dead person.”

He then replied to another question which Jang Ja Yun’s family claimed that he had tarnished Jang’s reputation. He said: “I’m regretful towards this and will work towards removing this misunderstanding between us.”

Most importantly, Yoo claimed that he did not pass the suicide document to KBS or any other media. The original document that he had was handed over to her family, which they eventually burned it. And this brings forth the question as to where did KBS get their copy?

The current situation is that the police denied knowledge of any names and the original document was burned. Some hidden power at work? Will Jang Ja Yun’s grievance be redressed, if any, now that there seems to be some form of cover-up ongoing?


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