Shin Hyesung: I felt ‘robbed’ when I saw Lee Seunggi’s remake album

Shin Hyesung attracted some attention when he commented, “I’ve thought of producing a remake album like what Lee Seunggi has done.”

In the April issue of fashion magazine Singles, Shin Hyesung shed some light on this question which he has never really talked about before. Having made his debut with Shinhwa in 1998, Shin Hyesung takes care of the high notes in Shinhwa’s songs, and has been recognised as a credible singer with strong vocals since his debut.

With regards to the remark, “You seem suitable to sing female singers’ songs too”, he confessed, “Lee Seunggi has previously released a remake album featuring songs of female singers, and frankly speaking, I did think about doing something like this before he released his album. At that time, remake albums were really popular, and I was thinking about how it would be if I sang songs from female singers, since I’m a ballad vocalist and my vocals tend to lean towards the sensual side.” Then he joked, “But when Seunggi released his album, I had a feeling of being robbed.”

When asked for the reason behind his superb delivery of ballads, he said, “Actually it has been a long time since I experienced separation, and naturally I feel lonely. When I have nothing to do, or when the people I have to see and places I have to go everyday are all arranged for me, I feel very lonely.”

“Lately I find my voice getting weaker, and I’m trying to quit drinking and cut down on smoking. I haven’t really thought about that before, but these days I’m finding it harder to sing during rehearsals.”

On Shinhwa, he had this to say, “To me Shinhwa is like my home, it feels like it’s my hometown. Although we’re all busy with our solo activities now, and some are serving their military service, but when we do get together, it feels even more like being back home.”

He added somewhat regretfully, “Although Shinhwa as a group has released many albums and has been active for a long time, but what people can remember most is our pop dance choreography or things such as the Wild Eyes chair dance. On the other hand, we haven’t had a hit song that is infectious and influential throughout the country.”

Shin Hyesung also proudly talked about the time when he played against a professional gamer and won. “I’m on very good terms with pro gamer Hong Jin Ho, who’s now serving his military duty. I’ve won 3 out of 5 games with him. It’s quite amazing to win against a pro gamer!”

“I hope to be like the gayo seniors like Lee Seung Chul, Shin Seung Hun and Lee Seung Hwan, to continue singing, continue holding concerts, and being liked by everyone. That’s my goal.” More about Shin Hyesung’s views, his life, and his love will be featured in the April issue of Singles.

source: absolutshinhwa
credit: Star News
chinese translations by: 宝宝爱王子@S.C.I.C
english translations by: absolutshinhwa


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