Teaser Poster for IRIS is released!

The teaser poster for drama ‘IRIS’ has been released. Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee and TOP of Big Bang are casted. The first-ever Korean drama to be filled with action, betrayal and romance between spies, it draws attention not only from the Korean fans but also the internationally as the hottest drama of 2009.

Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Joon Ho, Kim Seung Woo, Kim So Yeon and TOP portrayed their roles as if they were in the scene- sharp expressions and poses forshadowed their upcoming battles.

Lee Byung Hun represented a member of National Security Service (NSS) with piercing looks, Kim Tae Hee with beautiful charisma, and Kim So Yeon transformed into a strong fighter.

Jung Joon Ho is an elite member (of unknown group), Kim Seung Woo’s charisma, and the freshness of TOP being a cold killer heightens the interest toward this drama.

IRIS will bring forth spy actions, and even romance as a blockbuster drama- it is said to have 2000000000 won (20000000 dollars) for production fee, and will be filmed across Asia and Europe.

IRIS, in the center of attention in not only Korea but Asia, will be produced with 20 episodes, and will be aired in late 2009.


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