Kim Hyun Joong Chicken ‘Hotsun Chicken’

Kim Hyun Joong

Fried chicken industry is feeling greatly ‘Kim HyunJoong Effect’.

Recently Kim HyunJoong was signed for modeling of a fried chicken franchise ‘HotSun Chicken’, and it was nicknamed to ‘Kim HyunJoong chicken’ on the internet by netizen, which no doubt provided a tremendous popularity to the company.

Hotsun Chicken strategy planning team leader Kang DongKyun said “After the news that we selected Kim HyunJoong as our model was made known in February, our telephone enquiries increased more than 3 folds, and people who join the new-setup (franchise) presentation held every Thursdays increased more than 2 folds. In the low season for new establishment set-ups in February, it is such a great inspiration that we have 14 franchisees to join us.

The CF first broadcast would be on 29-Mar, Hotsun Chicken’s competitiveness and Kim HyunJoong’s name-recognition will be geared together to create a great synergy effect and we are anticipating it.”

The filming for the CF would be broadcasted through MBC ‘Section TV Yunye News’ on 20-Mar.

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @


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