Kim HyunJoong, spent 1 billion won on fans

Kim Hyun Joong

Invites about 4,000 fans on 31-Mar, an event gift paid by himself.

‘JiHoo sunbae’ Kim HyunJoong prepared a 1-billion-won large scaled gift for his fans.

Kim HyunJoong paid for the fanmeeting ‘Goodbye Yoon JiHoo’ on 31-Mar, 9pm, at Seoul Bangee-dong Olympic Hall. This event has been prepared so as to watch the broadcast of KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ on 31-Mar together with fans.

A large stage is rented in order to accommodate about 4,000 invitees, simple drinks and foods will be prepared, and that amounts to quite a tidy sum of money spent.

A representative said “This is a ‘gift’ prepared for fans who supported Kim HyunJoong not as a singer but as an actor, this fanmeeting event will be free of charge. The grand total for this event adds up to slightly more than 1 billion won. Kim HyunJoong’s group, SS501 will also participate for this event, displaying singer Kim HyunJoong and actor Kim HyunJoong’s charms at the same time.”

Kim HyunJoong will have a special performance of the drama song ‘Because I am Stupid’. They have not confirmed on the performing of the recently finished solo song yet. Kim HyunJoong is preparing for a special event in the midst of his schedules when he heard that besides the local fans, overseas fans such as Japan, China, etc will also be attending.

Kim HyunJoong hinted on this fanmeeting event on white day 14-Mar through the message he left at his fanclub homepage. Kim HyunJoong wrote “Just wait and see, I will return with a bigger gift than just these sweets. The gift is free of charge. I want to get you something with the money I’ve earned myself.”

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  1. awww. . . he’s so sweet(:
    lols. Singapore fan here!!
    how i wish they can come over to Singapore too((:

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