The heroes are back

Super Junior has finally made their comeback.
The 5 guys Heechul, Siwon, Kibum, Donghae and Hankyung show their masculinity (or manliness) , solving and protecting girls who are in danger.

Walking alone in the underpass after attending a friend’s party on the way home. There are no taxi stands and suddenly there is a strange feeling like someone is following behind, what do you do?
Kibum: If it’s late at night, it is most advisable to send your girlfriend to her doorstep. On the way home it is best to choose a brightly lighted street.
Siwon: For my girlfriend i will send her to her house, and watch her until she enters the lift.
Donghae: At night, especially if it is a secluded road, definitely can’t let her walk alone. Have to send her in a car.

Surrounded by some bad men?
Hankyung: China people care alot about Wushu, and alot of poeple learn martial arts. Learning it will enable her to protect herself. Learning abit of martial arts is good.

No matter how long you’ve tried, your girlfriend doesn’t pick up your calls. Could something have happened? It is already late at night and i let her go home by herself, am I wrong?
Heechul: If it is a situation where she is met with danger, I will take out my handphone, and call either my friend or the police. Also, if i have a girlfriend who goes home all alone by herself, i will talk to her on the phone all the way until she reaches her house.

translation credit: shampoolove


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