2AM, ‘Real Men’ Second Single Released

2AM’s second single, ‘Time for Confession’ has been released on the 19th.

On the 19th, through online sites, such as Melon, Lunchbox (Dosirak), Mnet, and offline sites, the single was commented as a work featuring 2AM’s music talents and quality.

Especially, as a change from the last single’s suave look, 2AM returned with a cool and tough image, shocking many people.

Asian’s best producer, JYP, brought back 2AM filled with manly ballads, sincerity, passion, emotional expression, and singing skills, instead of feminine ballads.

This album, filled with men’s honesty, showcases 2AM’s ability to charm through music with their three titles, ‘A Friend’s Confession’, ‘LOST’, and ‘Though You Turn Around Now’.

Title song ‘A Friend’s Confession’ showcases an R&B style, and speaks about long time friends, and a man who sincerely wants to confess his heart.

JYP Entertainment representatives say that “2AM’s second single is mature and high-end, and 2AM will fill you with these high end songs”, and to “Please anticipate 2AM’s powerful and great performance”.

2AM will have their comeback stage on the 20th on KBS ‘Music Bank’.


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