Donghee & Hyukjae: Astonishing appearance “Friend! Trust me!”


Recently releasing their 3jib with their title song ‘sorry sorry’, superjunior’s shindong & eunhyuk are once again up against each other in the mbc variety show ‘introducing star’s friend’.

Shindong’s friend is introduced as the dancing king during high school days. having been publicly awarded during national festivals, shindong’s friend is 188cm tall, & has a model’s lanky appearance. now he’s using the dance genre ‘crump’ as a dance program. this friend looks like janghyuk, jung woosung & jo insung, & his performance has captured the girls’ hearts & gathered a lot of popularity.

Eunhyuk’s friend is introduced as the choreographer for the likes of lee hyori, eun jiwon etc. when his eyes smile his charm exudes, & this friend will, together with eunhyuk, showcase their dancing abilities.

This episode include wheesung & kim kyungrok, & will be broadcast on the 21st (tmr) at 5PM, korean time.

original article; newsen
translation credits; fragment @


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