Joon Pyo and Jandi Happy Ending?

Joonpyo & Jandi

Are they finally getting back together…and staying together this time?

Pictures of Joon Pyo and Jandi’s kiss scene has got netizens off those couches and pressed against the screen. The on-screen couple finally look happy. Even though netizen’s knew that there should be a happy ending (because of the manga), they were getting pretty nervous because Joon Pyo was about to get married and Jandi kept spending time with Ji Hoo. The Goo-Geum couple was starting to look unrealistic.

A surprising comment by the producer was that “We’re working on the end of the drama right now and it could be different from the original”. This means that it could be the Goo-Geum happy ending, but they could go in a different direction and have a brand new version. Personally, I believe that it’ll still end with the Joon Pyo & Jandi couple because Korean dramas are known for their predictability, but you never know.

Jandi & JoonPyo
Jandi & Jihoo
Kim Bum - Kim So Eun


3 Responses

  1. of course i will choose lee min ho and goo hye sun….i love them very much and i hope so, lee min ho and goo hye sun became a couple

  2. .qu Kg Mau dH keTinggaLan pLm.y
    .biz cEruu banget cEe ??/

  3. hello boys before flowers my name is mega how are you?

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