090316 Chummy Train Radio Station Interview

Part 1

DJ: What we just played on the radio was Tohoshinki’s “Survivor”. Now, we also have our guests with us, please welcome Tohoshinki.

All: We are Tohoshinki, long time no see.
DJ: Please take care
All: Please take care
DJ: Can everyone please say
All: Chummy Train~
DJ: Thank you, can everyone please say it again?
All: 1, 2, Chummy Train~
DJ: Thank you
JS: Chummy Train
DJ: Now, can we invite everyone to give a self-introduction? Let the audience hear your voices.
JS: Okay. Hello everyone, it’s been a long time, I’m Junsu from Tohoshinki.
DJ: Yes, please take good care of him.
YC: I’m Yoochun, please take care of me.
DJ: Absolutely.
JJ: Long time no see, I’m Jaejoong.
CM: Long time no see, I’m Changmin.
YH: Long time no see, I’m Yunho.

All: Please take good care of us.
DJ: Yes, please take good care of them.
JS: Please take good care of us. (T/N: Why is he repeating!! XD)
DJ: Speaking of Tohoshinki’s encounters with Chummy Train, it has all been to do with our boss Ms Kyoko.
JJ: Eh? Where is she?
YH: Eh? She’s the boss?
YC: Did your boss go to the sauna?
DJ: Yes, she’s on spring leave today.
JJ: Eh? Is she on a date?
YH: Seriously
JJ: Date? (In English)
DJ: Eh, wait a minute
JJ: The Secret Date?
DJ: The Secret… haha there is such a possibility as well.
JS: How lonely
DJ: Because it coincided with her spring holiday
YH: Eh, where did she go?
YC: Chummy Train
DJ: Well, we have no idea where she went either
JJ: Is that so
JS: I’d really like to see her
JJ: We havent met in a long time
DJ: Really, is that so?
CM: It feels so lonely
YH: The whole THSK is here
DJ: Yes, the whole THSK is here
YC: She’s too much
DJ: Why did she have to go on vacation when everyone is here?
All: Yes~
JJ: Then let the 6 of us who are here enjoy ourselves
DJ: Eh? Oh, I understand, please take good care of me. Even though this is my first time meeting you guys, I’ve actually heard a lot of news about you.
YH: Oh?
JS: Really?
DJ: From many aspects
CM: Do take good care of us then
DJ: Everyone has said their fair share of Oyaji Gags
All: Oh
DJ: And acted foolish/ innocent
YH: Oh
DJ: You’ve all done this kind of things?
All: Yeah~
CM: Especially Junsu
DJ: Yes, we will talk about this later as well
JS: Ah, recently, I…
DJ: Such as any new jokes you guys might have come up with
JS: New jokes… I don’t have any recently
DJ: You don’t?
JS: Yes, I really haven’t come up with any recently
DJ: You don’t?
JS: I haven’t been telling Oyagji Gags recently as well
DJ: Then have there been anything you’ve been really into lately?
JS: Something that we’ve been obsessed with lately… hmm.. compared to me…
DJ: Compared to Junsu…
JS: Jaejoong and Yunho have been more into it recently…
DJ: Oh? What is it?
JS: For Jaejoong, its…
YC: Junsu’s not that bad as well
YH: Jaejoong’s really good at it
JS: Eukyangkyang
DJ: Junsu’s not bad at it, and Jaejoong’s really good?
YH: Jaejoong, what is it?
DJ: What are you so good at?
JS: Jaejoong’s been very devoted to soya sauce recently
DJ: Eh? Devoted? What?
JS: Do you know that shoyu joke?
DJ: Ah, that shoyu
JS: Yes
DJ: I know, I know. So you’ve been into that recently?
YH: Jaejoong? What is it?
JJ: (Shoyu) Its that
DJ: Ah! So this is it
JS: Yes
DJ: Thank you
JJ: Although its nothing really fun
DJ: No, no, we do this sort of jokes during Live MCs like this as well
JS: Oh
DJ: That’s right
JJ: Eh, but this becomes really meaningful/interesting when you use it at the right time
DJ: There’d be a really great rush if you do it at the right opportunity
JJ: Yes, I’m always prepared to do it
DJ: Alright, do perform it for us when you have a chance to do so
JJ: Sure

Part 2

DJ: You guys haven’t been to Kyoto in awhile, have you?
JJ: Yes
DJ: How long has it been?
JJ: Really long, probably around a year or so
DJ: Around a year
YH: Aiya
DJ: You’re here in Kyoto, where you haven’t been for around a year and… “Aiya”?
JJ: -imitates Yunho- Aiya. Keke
DJ: You haven’t had a chance to take a tour around Kyoto even though you’re here now, right?
All: Yupp
DJ: You guys are really busy
All: Yes
DJ: In 2008, last year, you managed to be #1 on the Oricon charts.
CM: That’s right
DJ: And your nationwide Arena Tour was a huge success as well
YC: Wow
DJ: I went to watch it for myself for the first time as well
CM: Yep
DJ: That time Jaejoong did the “ramen-”
YH: “tsukemen-”
DJ: “Boku ikemen!” (I’m very handsome!) joke, I wasn’t expecting that at all.
JJ: Yeah~ Haha
DJ: I totally didn’t expect you to do that after such a charismatic dance
JJ: Well, I can’t exactly do a lot of jokes, so…
DJ: Keke, its absolutely alright even if you don’t do that
JJ: To be honest, one of the staff suggested I do that
DJ: It was a staff’s suggestion?
JJ: Yes
DJ: Do it, do it, like this?
JJ: Yes
JS: After that, he immersed himself in those jokes
All: Hahahaha
CM: That’s what happened
JS: Feel that this joke’s really quite good
YC: That’s what you thought, right? (referring to JJ thinking of himself as handsome)
JJ: No
JS: That’s what you think, right?
DJ: Eh?
JJ: No, no
YC: Admit it honestly, come on
DJ: Eh? But he looked into the camera after saying the joke
JJ: No, no, I’m tsukemen (referring to himself as a side character)
DJ: A side character? Hahaha
JS: Eh?
JJ: Really, really
DJ: Don’t worry, you’re really handsome
JJ: I’m the accompaniment in THSK
DJ: THSK’s side character
JS: Changmin’s an old man
DJ: Changmin’s an old man?
JJ: Yes, “Ramen, tsukemen, Changmin’s an old man”
DJ: Will you be doing this next?
All: Chummy Train~
DJ: Hahaha
CM: What do you mean you will do this next, ah?
DJ: This is Chummy Train, going on
JS: Changmin’s an old man
DJ: Has it always been like that? Do the members joke around among each other like that when you’re alone?
JS: Yes
YH: A lot
DJ: That’s good
JS: Everyone’s joking around all the time
DJ: You often joke. Um, today we have a camera in the recording studio as well .
CM: Yes
JS: Eh?
DJ: Yes, isn’t it just behind you?
JS: Ah~ its behind me
DJ: Its filming us now
JS: I’m not really good at filming
DJ: Eh?
JS: Eukyangkyangkyang
DJ: Hopefully everyone will be able to see what’s going on in our recording studio one day. Other than that, I’ve watched your performance during 2008’s Kohaku, congratulations on your debut performance on the show
All: Thank you
DJ: How was the atmosphere there?
JS: It was very enthusiastic
DJ: Enthusiastic?
All: Yeah
DJ: There was a large audience, and many seniors
All: That’s right
DJ: Everyone was there
JJ: There were also many fans of other singers
DJ: Yes, of course
JJ: And that… what do you call that… the people who decide the scores?
DJ: The judges
JJ: Judges, that was really stressful, we had to really do our best. It’s like taking an exam
DJ: I see. It felt like a competition of some sort?
YC: Like choosing some of the best people
JJ: That’s right, that’s right
JS: Haven’t felt like that in a long time
YH: It was also our first time performing with so many other artists, we were really happy
DJ: True, opportunities like this are really rare
All: Yes~
DJ: Are there programmes like the Kohaku in Korea, where many strong singers participate?
JS: There are award ceremonies
YH: There are
DJ: You guys appear regularly in the shows there as well right?
JJ: En, yes
DJ: I’d suppose so. After the Kohaku, THSK could be seen in many other areas as well. Looking back at 2008, all the way til March 2009, what kind of a year has it been?
YH: Firstly…
DJ: Who will start?
YH: Firstly, its really been a busy year. Its also been a period of change for THSK.
DJ: Many changes?
YH: It felt like we matured a lot, and it felt like a really important period be it in terms of music, personality or activities. It felt like a great year
DJ: An impressionable year?
YH: Yes
DJ: Then, next, Changmin
CM: Well, it has definitely been a busy year both in Japan and Korea. But other than these two countries, we’ve been holding activities in other Asian countries as well, such as the Asia tour. We’ve also been on various Asian programmes.
DJ: Ah, really?
CM: We also had recording sessions. All in all, many things. Although there hasn’t been any free periods, but we’ve had to put in a lot of effort in things such as dancing and learning Japanese. It feels like we’ve grown a lot, and we didn’t waste any time.
DJ: You’ve had to do a lot of things, there must’ve been a fair amount of stress
CM: That’s right
DJ: Since you’ve had to fly back and forth between Korea and Japan, didnt’ you have to renew your passports many times?
CM: Yes, I just had mine renewed. My passport was really thick and dirty.
DJ: Wow, but its no surprise since you have had so many activities.
CM: Yupp
DJ: Then, next, Jaejoong
JJ: Yes, I think there isnt much difference. Its been a year where most of THSK’s goals and aspirations came true. Wanting to sing in this particular place, wanting to be on that particular stage, basically we’ve realized these dreams, so we’re really happy. I feel that is exactly because we have such dreams and goals that we have had the motivation to realize them.
DJ: Yes, it must have been great to have your dreams realized one by one
JJ: Its happy to just have a dream
DJ: Exactly. Now, Yoochun, who’s staring out of the window
YC: I’m Yoochun
DJ: Yes, keke
YC: Chummy Train~
DJ: Chummy Train~
YC: Eh, its been really busy even up til now. The biggest change I’ve gone through is that no matter how busy I am, I’ve managed to find an extra bit of strength. So I’ve been able to go through the cramped schedules and activities well the past year.

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