Best friend Sunye says the new album will be a hit after listening to it


4 member male group 2AM’s JoKwon has revealed that the first person he went to for their thoughts on the new album was Wonder Girls’ SunYe.

In a NewsEn interview, JoKwon said that “SunYe, who is in America, sent me a text message at around 3AM in Korean time” and that “in America, through Park Jin Young, she listened to the recordings of the songs in the album before it was released and said that she predicted that they’d hit the jackpot and the song was good”. JoKwon also revealed that he has “always been close friends with SunYe”.

In 2001, JoKwon and Sunye appeared in SBS ‘YoungJaeYookSung Project’ together. At the same time, JoKwon and Sunye were young, but showed unwavering energy and talent for singing as they were expected to capture many audiences and become stars.

The two were trainees in JYP Entertainment under the encouragement and watchful eye of Park Jin Young and in 2007/2008 debuted as members of Wonder Girls and 2AM.

Also, through comic dances and face expressions on tv variety shows, JoKwon became known as the ‘male version of Yoo Chae Young’ and expressed his thanks for the warm interest and reactions from the fans.

JoKwon said, “I have always like Yoo Chae Young. She’s a fun and refreshing person, and I received this nickname as I started to naturally copy her” and “I didn’t exaggerate too much. I merely showed what I am like in everyday life. Actually, before our debut, our group became known because of my ‘male version of Yoo Chae Young’ nickname, so I was happy.”

2Am, who received a lot of love in 2008 through ‘This Song’ and ‘What do I do’, came back with their second single, ‘Time for Confession’, to show their manly ballad and decimal.

2AM, who said that htey would show the corners of their manly ballad, has not changed their ways of expressing their feelings, but compared to their last album, their mood and singing talent was upgraded to become much stronger and more powerful. For their looks, they have shed a lot of weight and took care of their bodies and gained much interest from their fans with the Music Bank comeback on the 20th.


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