Danson Tang – will continue acting


Danson Tang, who has yet to turn 25, has plans of his future all in his head, due to the fact that his job has caused his sense of thinking to be more mature than his actual age. While many other people of his age are still hiding under the shelter of their parents and enjoying their protection, he has already planned for himself the directions he’s going to take in the future – that is to make his job as an artist a part of his life and enjoy a very different life.

However, after all he’s only a young person in his 20s. After shedding his identity of an artiste, he still has a childish side. In front of his mother, he’s still a child who loves to act spoiled, and is still his mother’s darling child. In front of his classmates, he’s still who he was in the past – without the crown of an artiste upon his head and without the worries of an artiste. Being with his family and friends is one of his ways to relieve stress.

2004’s Nine Ball opened Danson’s door to the entertainment business . More than four years of experience has let him have a chance to go through life’s different encounters, and try many things he would not usually do through every role he played. He says that in this process, his greatest harvest is his psychological development – from the initial silliness to maturity later on – and it has let him learn how to take care of others, and how to plan for his future.

“I think it’s quite impossible that I won’t be an artiste. As long as someone out there is willing to watch me act, I will continue acting and as long as someone out there is willing to listen to me sing, I will continue singing.” Does that mean he has already made up his mind to have a job in the entertainment business for life?

“No, acting and singing is not my job, it’s already a part of my life. I really enjoy playing each and every character in every drama and I really enjoy every minute of singing as well.”

As he begins to learn to enjoy his job and the pleasures and satisfaction life brings, to him, earning money or not already isn’t that important.

Even though it is said to make your counterparts enemies, Danson is rather direct with his “competitors” – his good friends in the entertainment business. While they are outside eating and playing, they will discuss one another’s performances in new dramas and even point out one another’s inadequacies in portraying their respective characters.

“Of course I can say it directly, but only to people I know really well. I don’t think it’s that appropriate to say such things to people I don’t know that well!”

Every artiste will have a point where they’re lost while acting. When engrossed in the role, you totally won’t be able to sense flaws that others see. Only by listening to the comments of others, will you be able see the good and bad points in your acting. Thus, when friends make comments regarding his acting skills, he will humbly take it all in, not necessarily accepting them fully, but after summing up everyone’s good or bad comments, he will go back and slowly think over it.

Giving himself space for thinking over is a way he uses to enhance himself.

Currently what the entertainment circle is stressing on is fast operation – promoting the artiste with the greatest ability to draw in money in the shortest period of time possible. Very often, young and unprepared yet promoted to sky-high popularity, they lose themselves and cause the occurrences of bad events.

Since acting initially to becoming a singer and releasing albums today, Danson has received many people’s approvals and also received much criticism. He thinks that this is what artistes have to accept anytime and anywhere;
“Approval is encouragement and criticism is to not let yourself get lost, it can help you to perform better!”

No matter how popular an artiste is, he/she inevitably will meet with ridiculous and malicious criticism – normally Danson will just put it off with a laugh, because it has proved that he has already been noticed!


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