Fly To The Sky’s Brian Cast In A Movie

Member of the popular duo Fly To The Sky, Brian has been recently cast in a Hollywood movie.

Brian drew attention on MBC’s “Future Son-in-law Survival – My Daughter’s Man” on the 20th when he said that he will “go onto Hollywood in June.”

After the broadcast, Brian revealed in a phone interview that “I’ve been cast as the lead actor in a Hollywood comedy.”

Filming begins in early June and with the movie being produced completely in English, Brian has to utilize the English language throughout the movie. Brian revealed, “There was no separate audition meeting, after seeing me through the album activities in Korea the movie production company directly contacted me and I accepted the part since I’ve wanted to act.”

After the matter of the cast, crew and production company are fully settled, then the plan is to officially announce the movie. Brian will depart for America at the end of May and plans to begin filming for the movie for a duration of 2 months. He is currently in the midst of promoting Fly To The Sky’s 8th album.


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