Jumper and Andy to perform T.O.P in Taiwan

Shinhwa member Andy will be performing Shinhwa’s classic hit ‘T.O.P’ in Taiwan together with Jumper, the new male duo he has groomed and produced for.

Andy will be holding his first solo Taiwan fanmeeting, “2009 Lee Sun Ho The First New Dream in Taipei”, at the Taipei International Convention Centre on 29 March. Jumper, who made their debut with the song ‘Yes’, will also join in the event, performing ‘T.O.P’ with Andy.

Andy, who is visiting Taiwan after 9 years, together with Jumper, are now preparing hard for the special performance for the Taiwanese fans.

Andy said, “T.O.P is the first song we performed in Taiwan 9 years ago, so it’s a very meaningful song for us. Although I won’t be performing this together with the other Shinhwa members, I still hope to present a special gift to the fans who have been supporting Shinhwa all this while, and I’m now practising hard with the juniors for this.”

credit: My Daily
chinese translations by: 尘筱沫@AndyTheWorld
english translations by: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa


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