Netizens Against Sorry Sorry

SOrry SOrry

Super Junior’s 3rd album titletrack <SORRY SORRY> was involved in a case of plagiarism. Netizens said the song is similar to popstar Britney Spear’s <Womanizer>. In particular, the repetition in the refrain of <SORRY SORRY> is similar to the one in Britney’s song. A representative of Super Junior’s company, SM Entertainment, rejected the theory of plagiarism, and declared that the accuse is unfounded if the reason behind it is merely that the repetition gives a feeling of similarity.


2 Responses

  1. even the rythem similar doesnt means they coppied Britney song!!! the song is cool!! both song!! just let em sing their own song *&*^@#$%&* grrhh~!! “netizens are jealous with suju or sm ent..” thats all im gonna say.. ‘(-_-)”

  2. wht the hell is that..sorry sorry is better than womanizer..they didnt coppied tht woman’s song!!
    go go suju!!

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