Nicole: Jumper’s is KARA’s mood maker song.

KARA’s Han Seungyeon revealed fellow member Jung Nicole’s special (?) love for Jumper.

Jumper was the guest last March 19 on SSGB. As MC, Han Seungyeon mentioned in the interview that “Since their debut was around the same time as when we were active, we were able to see them often on stage. Especially Nicole, she really likes Jumper.”

She added “Nicole likes Jumper so much that every morning, we hear <Yes!> playing in our dorm to the point that its almost like the official song that sets KARA’s mood for the day. Han Seungyeon even got the choreography of <Yes!> right, showing that they really are interested in Jumper.

To this, Jumper replied “We also like KARA sunbaenim’s <Honey>”, showing off their knowledge of the Honey dance, which showed a nice sunbae-hoobae relationship between the two groups.

On this show, they revealed the behind-the-story of their debut stage, how they were cast, and showed off their individual talents. They also answered the questions sent in by their fans with honesty, a side that we don’t see on stage.

Jumper, is the group produced by Andy. The group is his first attempt in producing after debuting solo. He was invited for hold his first fan-meeting in Taiwan, and is set to go overseas this 28th for his first over-seas performance.

thanks to anne@KARAholic


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