The TVXQ first performance at the internal region of China


Chinese and Korean car major company tie up to target the well off fan.

March 17, 2009, it was told “MIROTIC” “3rd ASIA TOUR” of Korean popular vocal group TVXQ will be held in Jiangsu Nanjing City on April 4th.

東風悦 達起亜(KIA),China-Korea joint management car manufacturer bit to host the sponsor company of the concert and play out a support event. The car specialized site,”捜狐汽車(SOHU)” reported.

Nanjing City is the start place of the TVXQ Chinese performances; it will be the first place to be held their concert in the Chinese inland region city.

For this reason there will be the possibility that the earnest fans rush to the concert from not only Jiangsu but also domestic each place and Japan, Korea. To obtain the ticket is already difficult.

KIA carries out the lottery until this month 23.

which the customer,who purchase a car in each store and a showroom of the company in Jiangsu and Anhui, win a pair of tickets of the performance. In addition, it is said that a person who giving the test run has the chance to get one ticket by a lottery.

KIA assumes that “the popularity and the results of TVXQ in Asia are equal to an image strategy of the own company” and enters the sponsor company of the concert for the first time.

Because a Chinese fan club “仙后” of TVXQ is occupied with a white-collar woman of the high income, it is said that they aim at the expansion of the class of buyers.


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