4th time’s the charm?


Though spring is just around the corner, the wind was cold as ever. It is here that a farewell kiss will take place between Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jan di.

This will be their fourth kiss together, but that doesn’t make Lee Min Ho or Goo Hye Sun any less nervous. Despite the cold weather, Lee Min Ho came out of his van early to go over his lines and prepare for the scene. To get rid of any bad breath, Lee Min Ho has been chewing gum since before filming started.

As the time comes nearer, Goo Hye Sun emerges out of her van looking tense. This time it is Goo Hye Sun who will be initiating the kiss, this doesn’t help her nervousness.

Despite the sudden change in filming location, about 50 people came to watch the scene take place. They stood their ground even through the hour delay. Through the kiss scene a small cry can be heard, it sounds like a mixture of admiration and a sigh.

Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun’s kiss scene continued seven times. The production team was busy trying to get just the right angle for a beautiful kiss scene. But no matter what anyone says, it was Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun who suffered the most.

Despite the cold weather and fierce wind, they had to get through the filming without any coats. They made more NGs than usual. It would seem that they would get used to the lines that they had to repeat over and over again, but it must have been the strain of knowing it was a kiss scene. Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun, who are usually very close, barely talked throughout the filming and created an awkward atmosphere. When they finished the kiss scene, Goo Hye Sun would try to hide her nervousness by playing jokes on Lee Min Ho, and Lee Min Ho of course, responded back with good humor. But still, they could barely meet eyes, and failed to hide their awkwardness.

As soon as PD gave the OK Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun went straight to their cars. The cold weather was one reason, but it was most likely to hide their embarrassment.

After the kiss scene Goo Hye Sun said, “I feel like I kissed 10 times.” And Lee Min Ho’s representative said on behalf of Lee Min Ho, “They are still young, so they are having a hard time with the kissing scenes.”

The scene that was shot tonight will be aired through episode 23. When it airs, it will be such a beautiful yet heartbreaking scene. But it seems Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho’s red faces represent the hearts of “still two young actors”


6 Responses

  1. I can’t wait for episode 23! hahaha

  2. They are really a very HOT COUPLE!!!

  3. AAAAHHH!! they look so cute together! but i definitely have a feeling there’s something like….love between them they’re just hiding it cause its show business. sooo swweett!

  4. omg……i hope ang wish that is true…..heheheh
    i love goo hye sun ang lee min ho….hotz couple!!!!

  5. i like this scene….
    i hope its become true…hehehehehe…amiennnnn
    lee min ho and goo hye sun are matched couple…
    i hope lee min ho and goo hye sun will join drama together again as a couple…hehehe
    and then lee min ho and goo hye sun will marriage and have a nice baby..hehehehe
    lee min ho, goo hye sun you are the best couple……..

  6. you’re right..the two have the same feelings..but since they are the artists they cant get rid of it to be talked by the people…partly because professionalism starts if you are an actor…even they had many takes for the kiss at least it ended a perfect kiss…anyways, the two have very nice relationship and it shows that even after the BOF they still have good communication and they do support each other. I hope that they’ll get more time together and end as real couple too.

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