Kara “We are the shikshin group”


Girl group Kara explained the story behind how they earned the title “shikshin group.”

Recently in an interview with Star Today, Kara, with their pure and cute appearances, discussed each members appetites and dorm life.

“All the members have a great appetite at all times, so we’ve been labeled the ‘shikshin group’ since our debut,” said Seungyeon, bursting with laughter.

“I have an interest in cooking to I prepare various special foods for the members,” said Nicole, revealing an unexpected side of her. “Not long ago I made rice cakes and rice balls and the members all said it was delicious,” she added proudly.

Kara, who have all been living together in the dorm since before their debut, was asked the question, “how do you generally spend your time in the dorm?” They answered, “we’ve hardly had free time on our hands, but if there is, then we’ve been watching DVDs that fans have given to us as presents. Recently we’ve been been fans of ‘Boys Over Flowers.'”

“Since the character Yoon Jihoo is played by Kim Hyunjoong sunbae from our same management, we have special interest in it. Since it’s not his usual self, so frankly we’re a bit at a loss of words,” said Gyuri laughing.

When asked the question of how difficult it was to be living away from parents at such a young age, they answered, “all the members are constantly in contact with their parents,”–it was clear that they missed their families a lot.

Meanwhile, Kara, who has finally risen to the top of the music world for the first time since their debut with <Pretty Girl> and <Honey> will end promotions in April in preparation for their next album.

Link: http://news.mk.co.kr/outside/view.php?year…9&no=177256
Link by: Mae
Translated by: Tinggg @ KARAholic.com


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  1. All of the girls are pretty…

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