THSK Subaru Impression

Subaru is finally released!

Finally, on Friday March 20th, Subaru the movie was finally on the big screen.
We’re praying that it would be a hit film when it’s released on the 2nd day to the public
Meisa Kuroki who star in this movie [Subaru],
had receieved lots of greets and THSK who sung the main theme of the movie, too stood on the stage with her.
The movie and press conference was held in Shinjuku Milan 1, the biggest movie theater in Japan.

The movie had made us recalled lots of things, making us think

“We had dreamed a dream and in order to get to that dream, we had continuously worked hard towards it”
this was the very message of this movie was about; giving a very positive view to the audience

Ladies who were in the theater earlier would too feel the same, wanting to press on the dreams we had dreamt of
Ladies would feel what Subaru was feeling and thinking, bringing you and her together as one.

The boys who had been appearing on TVs shows etc these days, it still didn’t feel sufficient
The album was a total sold out despite it’s released date was still a long way to go, this gives me the feeling of the album is going to be a hit finally!

Today, 22nd, they’ll appeared in a talk show!


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