Kara screaming with joy after finding out their MC spot on ‘Idol Show’


Girl idol group, Kara, finally has become the MC for the first time since their debut two years ago.

Kara found out that they became the MCs for cable program, MBC Everyone’s ‘Idol Show’. They will go on air for the first time as MCs on the 2nd of April.

‘Idol Show’ is a variety program where different idol groups appear as guests and battle each other. Super Junior, FT Island, and 2PM had been the MCs for this show.

Kara’s leader, Park Gyuri said in a phone interview with Newsway, “We came on the show as guests once when Super Junior was hosting, and once when 2PM was hosting the show. I have always wanted to be in their spot after watching them host the show.”

She added, “Every time we went on the show, the script writers told us that we would do great, but we had never dreamed about becoming MCs. When we heard the news, we were screaming with joy.”

“Up until now, there only have been male MCs, so I feel burdensome. But, all the members are excited about this new experience, so we will do our best.”


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