Lee Dong Gun and Cha Ye Ryun Are Dating

From the same paparazzi papers, SportsSeoul that bought us most recently, the Choi Ji Woo – Lee Jin Wook romance in February, another celebrity couple in the form of Lee Dong Gun (29) and Cha Ye Ryun (24) have now been confirmed thanks to them.

Both were actually reported to be dating by the media earlier this month although it was subsequently denied by both parties. The latest pictures released by SportsSeoul sees the lovebirds holding hands, shopping for sneakers at a Nike shop in Apgujungdong, Seoul around 3pm yesterday afternoon. They were later spotted wearing couple sneakers after completing their shopping. Cha Re Ryun wasn’t sporting any makeup while Lee Dong Gun wore a cap, behaving like what normal couples would do. Both look mightily blissful.

It’s understood that both had been good friends for quite a number of years. But they apparently grew closer after the unfortunate demise of Lee Dong Gun’s brother with Cha Re Ryun offering lots of support for him. It’s believed that they had been dating for about 4 months now. And the cameo role that Lee Dong Gun had recently in SBS Star’s Lover as the love of Cha Ye Ryun’s character wasn’t just a mere coincidence afterall


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