Ji Sung goes all in for Swallow the Sun

Actor Ji Sung (New Heart) is throwing himself into his next role, training intensely for upwards of nine hours every day.

This is for the new SBS drama Swallow the Sun [태양을 삼켜라], which has been casually referred to as the “All In sequel” because of the reteaming of director Yoo Chul-yong and writer Choi Wan-kyu.

Ji Sung started his training four months ago, which includes diving, weight training, boxing, and taekwondo. On top of that, since his character rides a motorcycle, he went out and bought his own bike to familiarize himself.

These photos come from the shoot that took place on the 17th; the scene involved illegal gambling and scuba diving, and the underwater filming spanned twelve hours.

Then, on the 26th, Ji Sung left for Johannesburg, South Africa, where he will spend the next two weeks filming. Following that, he heads to Las Vegas for some more overseas shoots.

In Swallow the Sun, his character was born out of wedlock and spent his childhood in an orphanage, growing up tough and stubborn amidst adverse circumstances. However, despite his harsh exterior, he changes with the love of a woman (of course), played here by Sung Yuri (Hong Gil Dong).

Swallow the Sun premieres on Wednesdays and Thursdays in July, and also stars Lee Wan (Insoon Is Pretty) and Yoo Oh-sung (Lump of Sugar).


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