Big Bang Q&A Excerpts: The Bromide Magazine, April 2009


This is not an interview and the questions in general are pretty lame. But it’s pretty recent and I like the fact that all members were given an equal chance to answer.

Bing Bang Talks About Their Past, Present and Future

Time flies so fast. They’ve grown from boys to men, from fresh newcomers to the country’s top “idol” stars. We got curious what we have missed during that time period because we’ve been just watching them, mesmerized by their “perfect” charm. So we asked, “What are you thinking now?” And they gave us honest answers.

Q2. Before and after your debut – where (?) do you feel most clearly that your status has changed?

YB: At broadcasting stations.

Q4. Most “idol” groups are popular mostly among teenagers, but you have a much wider fan base. You are loved widely regardless of gender and age. Did you expect this from the beginning?

YB: No, we didn’t.

Q5. When was the last time you took an entire day off?

YB: Can’t remember (weep, weep)

Q6. Do you have plans to go beyond Big Bang and establish your own name in the future?

YB: Yes, I do.

(Interestingly, TOP was the only one who answered no to this question.)

Q7. Imagine you are in your 40’s. You look back on your Big Bang years. What do you want to be able to say about yourself then?

YB: “I did my very best.”

Q8. Big Bang is now a household name in Korea. Do you have a “target point” in your mind where, once you have reached there, you would say, “This is good enough”?

YB: No.

Q9. Suppose you could go back to before your debut, could you have made a different choice?

YB: Never!

Q10. There are hard-working types and naturally gifted types. Which one are you?

YB: We are all good at different things but work hard just the same.

Q11. Do you consider yourselves lucky?

YB: Yes.

Q12. We see many teenaged stars who care so much about their looks even when they are not on TV because they are afraid of what people might think. You are very fashion-conscious too. How about you?

YB: Getting dressed up in style is all good but I like natural, comfortable style.
GD: I don’t overdo it. I just like clothes.

Q13. You are loved not only for your music but also for your fashion. Every time you bring out a new album, many people are curious about your new look. What do fashion and music mean to you?

YB: Inseparable.

Q14. What are your major sources of information on fashion?

YB: Magazines, the Internet and shopping.

Q15. Who decides the overall style concept for the group?

YB: Our stylist.

Q17. When do you feel your life as a celebrity is hard?

YB: When I realize that I can’t go anywhere without our manager, I feel helpless.
GD: Always. But I know we can’t escape.
TOP: Never.
SR: Never. Everything’s exciting to me.
DS: When I don’t have time to sleep.

Q18. Which member is the most different off the air/stage, than on?

YB: We are all pretty much the same.

Q19. As celebrities, you shouldn’t be slaves to what the public say but you can’t afford not to listen to them either. Are you relatively free from what other people think?

YB: Yes.
GD: Not really. We just try to be moderate.

Q20. What do you think is the biggest reason for your success?

YB: Different styles/personalities of members and hard work.
GD: Music.

Q24. You’ve had concerts and issued mini/regular albums in Japan. What are your plans in Japan?

YB: We plan to stay longer in Japan to raise name recognition.
GD: We have lots of plans but nothing’s been decided yet.

Q25. It’s been recently known that DS and SR are terribly awkward with each other because they share a room and try to be overly considerate toward each other. How about other members?

YB: Close. =)

Q26. You are young. You are supposed to have dates, hang out with friends but you are too busy. What do you wish to do individually?

YB: Travel.

Q27. Most of you began your musical careers in your teens. Did you have firm goals of your own from the beginning?

YB: Not so much a goal as passion.

(YB, GD and TOP gave almost exactly the same answer.)

Q28. I hear that you plan to vacation in the US. What are you planning to do specifically?

YB: I would like to learn new things as much as possible.
GD: It’ going to be a vacation! I am going to rest doing nothing at all!
TOP: Literally vacationing. No work. Will take a rest.
DS: I won’t be able to go because of “Family Outing.”

Q29. Do you have plans to debut in the US?

YB: Not yet.

Q30. Unlike many other groups that emphasize conformity as a group, Bing Bang seems to stress individuality and differences among members. This makes it a bit hard to define your character as a group. What do you think about that?

YB: That’s true. And that actually allows us to do our best in our individual fields. I like it.

Q31. People seem to have very high expectations for Big Bang. Not just your fans but other musicians speak highly of you. Do you feel pressured?

YB: Yes, I do. =)

Q32. When you go home after a hard day of work, what do you do first?

YB: Take a shower.

Q33. When group members live together as you do, there usually is a member who plays the role of a “Mom.” Who is it?

YB: Every time we get this question, the rest of the members always say it’s me.
GD: Mom? Taeyang!
TOP: Taeyang!!
SR: Taeyang.
DS: Taeyang. =)

Q34. Success comes with a sense of accomplishment and many perks. But you also get too busy to have decent sleep and sometimes have to deal with unflattering rumors, which can give you a lot of stress. What’s your greatest source of stress and how do you deal with it?

YB: Sometimes I get so tired I get headaches. It’s a bit simplistic but I sleep it off.

Q35. What was your best moment as a group?

YB: The Real Concert.
GD: Every moment after the debut.
TOP: The fact that people like us.
DS: When our song first topped the chart.

Q36. What’s your favorite Big Bang song ever?

YB: A Fool’s Only Tears.
GD: A Lie
TOP: A Good Man
SR: Strong Baby! I am kidding. A Lie.
DS: A Lie


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