F2 fansigning events draw huge crowds

The 28th was a busy day for F2 boys Kim Bum and Kim Joon, but particularly so for the former.

Both Boys Before Flowers stars attended a fansigning event that evening (above), but first, Kim Bum appeared at one of his own in the morning as well (below).

At 11:30 am, the fansigning session that took place in Seoul’s Myungdong shopping district drew a crowd of 2,500 fans.

This morning session took place at the store for Spris, the activewear clothing brand that Kim Bum endorses (with Go Ara), which sponsored the event.

Kim explained, “Because I’m filming the last shoot for Boys Before Flowers today, I’m sorry I couldn’t meet many of the fans. Even if it was only a short while, I’m so thankful for your huge support.”

Following the close of Boys Before Flowers in the coming days, Kim Bum moves his attention to the big screen — his war movie “71″ is next, starring Yoo Seung-ho (Legend) and Big Bang’s Seung-ri.

Following that morning’s event, Kim Bum joined his castmate Kim Joon for another fansigning in the evening, this time at Seoul’s Yongsan I’PARKmall at 6pm.

This two-hour-long event tied in to the latest Boys Before Flowers merchandising, a second photo and music book (which contains 76 pages of new stills from the set); also sold on-site were the drama’s newly released OST 2 and OST 2.5 albums. On top of that, articles of clothing worn by the actors in the drama were auctioned off for charity.

Asked what he’ll remember most about BBF when it’s over, Kim Bum answered, “the ones with my partner Ga-eul [Kim So-eun],” to much cheer from fans. (Hey, the boy knows how to do fanservice right.)

Furthermore, preceding the signing session, pop group T-Max, of which Kim Joon is a member, gave a short performance.

for credits: dramabeans


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