Jang Ja Yun’s Former Manager May Be Arrested

According to news on the 24th, the police spokesperson from the team responsible for the investigation on Jang Ja Yun’s case, has revealed that a couple of evidences have pointed to the likelihood of the “suicide document” being released even before Jang Ja Yun committed suicide. Therefore, the police will be summoning the source person, Jang’s former manager Yoo Jang Ho, for a thorough investigation.

Since it has been scientifically proven that the document was indeed written by Jang Ja Yun herself, the next mystery to solve is whether the document was penned by Jang out of her own will. And apart from the deceased, Yoo is the sole key person who holds the answer to everything. Previously, Yoo had claimed that the document was written by Jang Ja Yun and he did not force her to write it. However, Jang’s family has insisted on the unbelievable contents of the document which they believed to be written by Jang under force. Her family also pointed to the struggle between Yoo and Kim, in which Jang Ja Yun was just an unfortunate sacrifice in their conflict.

The police spokesperson said: “Through the evidences we have gathered till now, we found that Yoo had contacted several respectable figures in the entertainment industry and shown them the ’suicide document’ even before Jang Ja Yun sought her death. Jang Ja Yun seemed to know about it as well. We are uncertain as to the motive of Yoo for his actions. Hence, we have issued a summon to Yoo. If he failed to report to the police station by the 25th, we will then issue an arrest warrant on him. Yoo had failed to comply to previous summons citing health reasons.”

According to one director who have worked with Yoo in the past, Yoo may possibly force Jang Ja Yun to write the “suicide document” and used it as a chip to strike an agreement with Kim. Jang Ja Yun may have also committed suicide after she knew of the document being spread around by Yoo.


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